Military Quality Medals
Public Safety Sector
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why can't we make a Purple Heart or any other Department of Defense medal and adapt it for our use.
A: Federal Regulations, specifically: the Code of Federal Regulations, 32 CFR, Part 507, prohibits the making of any medal with a likeness of a Department of Defense medal unless authorized by The Institute of Heraldry. Since Graco Awards manufactures all of the Department of Defense Medals we are probably the most in tune with these regulations and what constitutes a violation of the rules.

Q: Can we design our own medals and ribbon?
A: We have manufactured thousands of custom made medals and ribbon for many types of organizations, including the Public Safety Sector. However, there are tooling charges for medals and first run costs on ribbon. What we have done with our new program is taken over 20 designs of medallions and over 300 ribbon designs and made them available to Law Enforcement and Fire Departments. There are many ways to customize your individual program to make it your own.

Q: Will I have minimums to buy and up front costs?
A: We have minimized the up front costs by using tooling we already have in place and also ribbon designs we have in stock. The start-up costs for a typical awards program will be about $100.00 if you follow the steps in the program. This includes the design and production of the LogoDisc. There will be minimums to buy, especially when there is some customizing. However, these are normally 5 to 10 sets of each type of award.

Q: Can you help us design a program?
A: Yes, we have helped hundreds of organizations with program design. We have our own graphic artists on staff and many examples of programs to pull from.

Q: How long will it take to get my medals made?
A: Our system allows a quick manufacturing process. When you follow the steps in the program, and pick from the many items we have in stock it will take about 4-6 six weeks for you to receive the medals. The primary time factor is designing and making the LogoDisc. If you use a universal logo disc then this time factor can be shortened.

Q: What qualifies Graco to make medals?
A: We have been making medals for over 25 years. Our experience started with making State National Guard medals and ribbons. It expanded rapidly into the Department of Defense medals and then further into almost all Federal Agency medals and ribbons. Our Customer list reads like the Who's Who of the Government including: The White House (we made the 9/11 Hero's Medals given by the President to the families of the fallen Fire Fighters and Police Officers from NY's Twin Towers), NASA, EPA, DOD, DHS, on and on. Since these medals are required to be made in the USA we have the full capabilities to make the most complex medals here at our facilities in Providence, Rhode Island. Additionally, we received, in 2008, the Vendor Excellence Award from the Defense Logistics Agency, chosen from thousands of vendors, this award solidifies our capabilities in the medals making and customer service areas.

Q: What do you know about making medals for Law Enforcement?
A: We have an extensive customer list already for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Fire Marshal's offices. We are always learning and we are sure that our customers will give us good ideas and how to improve our program as we move forward.

Q: Can you make other things for us other then Medals and Ribbons?
A: The simple answer is yes, and while we do manufacture badges and other types of insignia for the DOD, there are already good companies out there making badges. We like making medals, service ribbons, lapel pins and name tags. For instance we make over 100,000 lapel pins per month. You will see some new offerings from Graco as we move forward with this program for the Public Safety Sector.


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