Military Quality Medals
Public Safety Sector
Privacy Policy:

     Customer Information: Information is collected at the time of sale in order to complete the sale and delivery of the products purchased. Customer lists are not sold or distributed to third parties. Graco Awards does not use customer lists to send solicitations.
     Credit Card Transactions: Graco Awards accepts orders via the internet. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are the only credit cards that are accepted. Graco Awards does not process credit cards over the internet. Credit cards are not debited until your order is shipped.
     Only the purchase price including shipping, and all taxes if applicable, are debited from the credit card. Only authorized Graco Awards personnel have access to make debits.Information about these transactions is not released to third parties. Only authorized Graco Awards personnel have access to credit card information.
     During transmission of all credit card orders, all information will be sent in encrypted form.
     Please Note: All orders are to be made in writing, via e-mail, online-ordering, fax, or U.S. Postal Services.

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